Go into the network setup of the DVR. Change the connection to DHCP and apply the change.

Enter into the 2wire setup by typing into the address bar of your internet browser http://homeportal or use the computers gateway IP address http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and hit the enter key. You will be started at the “Home” page.

Click on the lock icon at the top of the page to enter the firewall.

On the firewall page click on “Firewall Settings”.

From the “Firewall Settings” page click on “Add a new user-defined application”.



Another window will pop up to create the user defined application. Give the application a descriptive name such as “DVR”. In the “From” field type first port number. Then click on “ADD DEFINITION”. Repeat these steps to add the other ports. The DVR uses several ports, each with its own function. Refer to the DVR manual for a list of all the ports that your model uses. The main ports for most DVR’s are 8200 for Admin, 8016 for Watch and 10019 for Search. They are all TCP protocol. After all the ports are added click “BACK”. You will be taken back to the “Firewall Settings” page.

Select the DVR from the (1)  “Host Computer” drop down. The DVR will show up by the MAC address (00:03:22:xx:xx:xx) or by the network card manufacturer http://www.idis.kr. Select allow individual applications. From the drop down (2) select the user application that you just created. Click on the application and then click ADD. You will see it added to the right column “Hosted Application” and then click “DONE”.

You are now ready to connect remotely.

Click here for instructions on setting up the remote software.




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