Advanced Setup

The procedure below should be used for router setup and DVR programming if you are using a router for Internet access.  To complete this setup you will require…
-          DVR name that you registered
-          User name and password for your router
-          Intermediate network and computer skills.
If you don’t feel comfortable networking the DVR please feel free to contact our technical support personal at 877-245-2dvr(2387)
Determine how the DVR network settings need to be configured. In order to do this you will need to know how the port forwarding functions in your router.  If the router uses fixed local IPs in the port forwarding set the DVR to Manual and give the DVR an IP address outside of the DHCP range. Refer to your routers manual if you are unsure about its settings. If the router only allows port forwarding to network devices that have obtained an IP address then set the DVR to DHCP.
After setting up the LAN settings in the DVR obtain the DNS server IP address from a PC on the local network. Change the DNS server in the DVR to the DNS server IP address that you obtained from the PC.
The port forwarding needs to be setup in the router to forward communication from the WAN IP address to the DVR’s LAN IP address. Refer to your router manual for specific instructions on how to do this. Note – The DVR uses protocol TCP and port 8200 – Admin, 8016 – Watch and 10019 Search.
Note – In the Technical Support section of the website we have included quick reference guides for some of the more common routers.
Go to the DVRNS setup screen and select the Use DVR Naming Service. In DVRNS server enter Select Use NAT. In t he DVR name field enter the DVR name exactly as you registered on the website. Remember it is CaSe SeNsItIvE.

Click on Check to verify that the name is available. You should get a response of Available DVR Name. Next save the settings.

The DVR site setup is now complete.




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