Basic Setup

Basic Internet Connection - Setup
The steps below can be used to perform the DVR programming and remote software setup if you have a modem from your internet provider. You will need the DVR name that you registered on the website. You will also need the connection settings from your internet provider.
Note - If the Internet connection will need to be shared with another device such as a computer then a router will be needed and the advanced setup instructions will need to be followed.
If you don’t feel comfortable networking the DVR please feel free to contact our technical support personal at 877-245-2dvr(2387)
DVR Setup
1)      Go to the LAN setup page of the DVR and set the DVR to the connection settings designated by your internet provider. Please remember to include the DNS server IP address from the internet provider. Save the settings.
2)      Go to the DVRNS setup in the DVR. Select the Use DVR Naming Service. In DVRNS server enter Do not select Use NAT. NAT is only used when the DVR is connected to a router. In the DVR name field enter the DVR name exactly as you registered on the website. Remember it is CaSe SeNsItIvE.
3)      Click on Check to verify that the name is available. You should get a response of Available DVR Name. Next save the settings.

Click here for instructions on setting up the remote software.




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