Remote Software


Open the RASplus remote viewing software.

Note: If you require the remote software contact the dealer from whom you purchased the DVR.


The remote software need to be setup to locate the DVRNS server. Click on System and then go to Setup and click. This will open the system setup page. 


Click on the System 2 tab.


At the bottom of the page you wil see DVR Name Service. In the Server IP Address you will need to type in our website address.

Next the remote site needs to be created. Look for the icons at the top of remote site coloum. Click on the icon with the plus sign. This will open the Add Site dialouge box.


In the site name type in a discriptive name for the site. Click on Use DVRNS. In the DVR Name field type in your DVR name. This sould exactly match the name that is in the DVR and what your registered with the DVR Naming Service. In User ID type the user name for your DVR. In the Password and Confirm Password fields type in the password for your DVR. Then click on OK.
Note - If you are unsure of the User ID or Password for your DVR consult your DVR manual.


Your site has been created and now you are ready to make a connection. Click on the site name, drag and drop it onto the first camera location.


You should have a popup that asks if you want to watch video or search recorded video. Click on Watch Screen. The video images will load and you can watch the live video feed from the DVR.




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