Technical Support

To permit DVRNS communications with a DVR located behind a firewall or to a DVR located on an internal LAN environment, it is often necessary to setup or program an existing router located on the network.

Following are general network setup instructions to guide you through the process of configuring a modem, router or modem-router. Refer to the list of supported routers for specific instructions for each router. In addition, references are provided including troubleshooting guides, router port descriptions and a link to other resources.

General Network Setup
Troubleshooting - Connection Errors

Troubleshooting - Computer Tools

Router Ports

Other Resources

Router Setup
2Wire Home / Office Portal Router Setup

D-Link Router Network Setup

Linksys Ver 3 Router Network Setup

Netopia Caymon Series 3000 Router Setup

Westell Ver. A Modem / Router Network Setup

Live phone support - Customer support phone number is 877-245-2387




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